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Thread: 1959 R26 Turn Signals?

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    1959 R26 Turn Signals?

    Hi, I am looking at a 1959 R26 in pretty rough shape. From the pics there seem to be no turn signals. Did a 59 R26 even come with them? How hard would it be to add the handlebar mounted ones in either circumstance?
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    BMWs did not come stock with turn signals until the /5 series in 1970. The "ox eye" (ochsenaugen) style bar end turn signals were an aftermarket item available from Hella in the 50s and 60s, and there are Asian repops available now as well.

    The wires enter the handlebars through a hole drilled in the center. A flasher is mounted in the headlight shell. A "bat wing" style switch is mounted to the right side of the bars. The lamp units themselves have a tab and a matching slot should be made in the end of the handlebars to prevent it from rotating out of position.
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    Vech has a nice article on installing the "ox-eye" lights:
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