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Thread: R1200RT 2013 Headlights

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    Unhappy R1200RT 2013 Headlights

    One of my headlights needs replacing. Normally I would just jump into it and start disassembling things. This time I want to have to take as few body parts off as I can. So, has anyone out there done this before? And, if so, can you tell me the easiest way, besides taking it to the dealer, to do this?

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    Beleive it or not, it IS possible to change all 3 bulbs without removing any bodywork. I put the bike on the centerstand and reach in from the top. I don't think I could talk you through it though. I did all 3 in the dark last month on my honeymoon.
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    Have a look at this:

    Hope this helps
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    i replaced all three with the eyes of a co-worker....bars turned full to the left, standing on left side of the bike, hand, palm forward, up to the head light bulbs....GIANT PITA to do this...took is about 30 min the first time....i just recently lost another right side bulb and replaced it without any help....Helen Keller method and it only took me about 5 min....the retainer spring can be a bitch and the bulb socket is keep in mind that the bulb needs to be FULLY inserted into the housing, check from the front...

    good luck...


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