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Thread: crashed S1000RR

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    crashed S1000RR

    I need advice. I was looking on Craigslist last July and came across a BMW crotch rocket that had NO front end. The caption was "Fix my BMW" So after calling the cell number and finding out this person is only 6 blocks from my house I agreed to take a look. I have ridden Air head and K bikes. I have done most of the work on them.

    I gave the owner a "list" on what he needs. 2 months later he called me and asked if I could put the parts back on this BMW. He had already replaced the forks and wheel when I checked it last night. The triple tree wasn't aligned and I can do that for him. I know that these steeds have all sorts of electronics.

    Is it better to tell him to find a BMW mechanic instead of a back yard mechanic like myself? ABS isn't hooked up to the front yet. I have a gut feeling that I should walk away. What stuff needs to be checked before starting the machine?

    The other problem is this fellow doesn't have a motorcycle endorsement, claims he knows how to ride but a S1000RR?

    Columbia Heights, MN

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    It's a tough one. . . I'd probably help only to find out later he wrecked it and feel horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmftoy1 View Post
    It's a tough one. . . I'd probably help only to find out later he wrecked it and feel horrible
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    This strikes me as a lawsuit waiting to happen. Fixing a bike for your own use is fine since you are accepting the risk that what you don't know might hurt you.

    If the owner knew what he was doing, he'd have his endorsement already. And that is not a beginners bike.

    When he crashes, it will be too easy for him to blame your work for the accident, even if you have done it properly.

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    Crashed S1000RR

    Thanks for the wisdom! I had wanted to at least straighten the triple tree today. However no call yet.

    Yep, you all are correct! That and besides it is cutting into the BMW mileage contest! 12 days left!

    take care

    columbia Heights, MN

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