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    Hi, I am new to the group. My name is Bill and I have a 1970 R60/5. I was wondering what fairings work on this bike. I like the S fairing but not sure if it fits on this bike. I guess some kind of handle bar shield would be ok also as long as it's not to big. Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Your question is kinda an Airhead question so one of us will move it to Airheads in a couple of days. I always hate whisking off a new members 1st post 'cause if they aren't familiar with forums, it leave them a bit lost.
    Anyway Bill, the Airhead section is one of the most active so someone will get you fixed up.
    Any questions, just ask.
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    Bill, welcome to the forum! Fairings are discussed in the Airhead forum from time to time. There are a number of handlebar mount types that I'm sure will work. For the more full fairings, this link is to the /5 website and shows some of the period full fairings used at the time:
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    Fairing for a /5

    The R90S fairing should fit, by by the time you buy all the pieces, you are looking at some bucks. I also do not like the fact that removal requires the fork tubes to be nearly removed from the bike. there are other aftermarket that are mounted using a universal mounting that can be used and are priced from $79. Ebay has a few. I have seen quite a few of these type fairings on all kinds of vintage bikes.

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    R90S fairing assumes a different headlight than what's on a /5.
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    Fairing for a /5

    Check with Parabellum in Georgia. Their fairings are not cheap but I really like the one on my /6.
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    R90S fairing assumes a different headlight than what's on a /5.
    the /5 has a 6-5/8" diameter lamp vs. the standard 7" diameter on the /6 & S. The outside diameter of the /5 chrome ring is 7-1/4" (just measured it). I'm not sure what the outside diameter of the chrome ring on the 7" lamp is, but I'd guess around 8". That leaves a little less than a 1/2" gap around the /5 head lamp. You could stuff foam rubber in it, but it wouldn't be purty

    But the biggest problem I found, and unique to the /5 series, is that the "key" in the top of the head light nacelle is almost impossible to remove with a "s" type fairing; you generally have to cut away some of the fairing material in the upper section of the headlight arch to use the key.

    I'm thinking maybe a "fly screen" type windshield would be easier to fit. But even they are sized for a 7" diameter lamp.

    National makes a few. There are others.

    Wasn't sure if my explanation was clear. The "return" that fits over the headlight usually has to be trimmed at the top to get the key into a /5 switch.
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    I think the Windjammer fairings will work with the correct mount.

    Check with others, and also RePsycle in Lithopolis, OH, near Columbus (go Bucks!!) as they had lots of used ones the last time I was there!

    I had a Windjammer on my 900/6 and now have one on my '78 R100/7
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