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Thread: Converting a used S1000RR to a sort-of S1000R??

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    Converting a used S1000RR to a sort-of S1000R??

    Possibly many threads on this on the forum, but I'm having trouble finding them. Just visited a local non-BMW dealer, and I can buy a very nice 2011 S1000RR extremely low miles locally (as many of you can as well currently), but I am getting too old to enjoy the cramped riding position. Also the crazy stock high RPM powerband. (Yes, I realize I'm not the BMW's target market for this bike.) But.....Is it feasible to buy a used S1000RR (which are starting to land on the used bike market) and change it over to a more upright street oriented bike, a la Aprilia Tuono, for less money than buying new? I'm thinking maybe a new or reprogrammed ECU to gain low end torque, higher bars, lower pegs, maybe more windshield, etc. Has anyone done this? Too much work? Thanks for any input.
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    Tooooo much work in my book. I had an S1000RR for a year to get some track training and just to experience a liter sport bike but not practical in any way for me for long term.
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    This past year I rode a friend's RR and he had done some of what you want.

    He had installed an LSL handlebar conversion (MUCH more comfortable). The conversion came with upper fairing spacers to allow more steering lock clearance for hands. The conversion looks good, not a cobble job. He also had a slightly higher windshield.

    Verholen and Creative Cycle Concepts make relatively inexpensive footpeg lowering kits (can't remember which one my friend had).

    He also had a Sargent seat which felt very comfortable.

    As far as altering the powerband, he had not- but that engine is so flexible I don't why it would be necessary. It is good right off of idle and I only had to take it to 8 or 9 thousand for good acceleration. (BTW, the quick shifter is FUN!)

    I rode his bike for a couple hours and could have easily gone a couple more. We were on twisty back roads with speeds varying from 30 mph in towns to ??? in deserted areas

    Just those few changes really worked at changing the bike into a comfortable sport-touring machine- with the emphasis on SPORT. Nicely done.
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    Bars LSL Throttlemeister Seat raised MRA screen +

    I know a s1000rr can be successfully changed to a sport touring bike. Mine also has the LSL split bars $600,throttle meister heavy locking bar ends $ 160, MRA windscreen $110, raised seat $1.50 ( used a hockey puck to raise the seat 18mm). I drove the bike 2000 miles before I had tingling in my feet. Next step is to lower the pegs by using rubber as the insulated lowering device( maybe another a hockey puck) and purchase vibration free pegs. This set up is almost the same as my K1300GT for leg and arm reach. If I need to move the pegs forward then change the shifter so it is longer. I seldom use the rear brake so It may not have to be changed. Power wise the bike has plenty, so I too felt there was no need to change anything here. Some mornings when the tires were cold I would use rain mode for greater safety and move onto race mode once the tires were warm. Never a slip or slide. One lightweight bad ass touring bike. I also added hard luggage to both sides and the tail.
    IT is worth the COMFORT yet the handling is close to the original. The important thing is the fairing gives one more wind protection than the s1000r.

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    Have you looked at/ridden the XR?

    Our demo, which was basically my personal ride for... longer than it was supposed to be, is for sale.
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    You could look for a used S1000R and make changes.

    This bike has a MRA shield, lowered footpegs and besides the higher and wider bars of the S1000R, risers were added.

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