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Thread: place to park a trailer in Alabama

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    place to park a trailer in Alabama

    I'm going to the MOA rally in Gulf Shores and will be trailering to Al because of other commitments. I would however like to ride from the Birmingham area to the rally does anyone have a place I can safely leave my pick up and 6x10 trailer. Thanks for your consideration
    Don Beach MOA member

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    Don -

    Welcome to the forum! Thanks for joining in on the fun.

    Normally, the new member area is for people to introduce themselves and tell us what brought them to BMW, their bike, etc. There is a regional forum that includes Alabama elsewhere in the forum where members from that general area would have a better idea of your needs.

    For now, I'll let your post stay here. Then after a little bit of time, I'll move this thread to the Regional South forum to see if others might have some ideas.
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    You might check the Anonymous Book listings.
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