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Thread: R1200RT and others can rejoice!

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    R1200RT and others can rejoice!

    Just received a letter from BMW Motorrad USA informing me that they will replace older failed fuel strips with new ones, and will retroactively guarantee them for 12 years from the date of the first retail sale of the bike. Further, they will reimburse expenses if you paid out of your pocket to replace one.

    So, failed fuel strips: Beyond made right. Failed Fuel pump controller: redesigned & fixed. Failed Fuel pump flange: redesigned & recalled.

    BMW Motorrad is Uber Alles!

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    Got the same letter in today's mail.

    I bought the used 2007 R1200RT last May and am very pleased they are following through on this. Recently had the fuel pump recall work done and it was covered as well.
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    . Now every time I look at the display I won't be thinking... "just a matter of time" before the fourth fuel strip on my "08" RT. Now I just worry every time I change the ESA setting
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    Got mine too and just had a the 2nd strip replaced 2 weeks ago!
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