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Thread: '94, K1100RS, ABS1, Doesn't work, can't clear fault codes.

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    '94, K1100RS, ABS1, Doesn't work, can't clear fault codes.

    My 94 K1100RS is a resurrection project and before I get carried away like I did with my K75S, I'm trying to figure out how expensive this thing will be to repair.

    The clutch is hooped, oh well, that's just my labor at about $2.00/hr and likely just a friction disc.

    The ABS1 doesn't function and my error code is the dreaded controller. So me smart, clear the code and see of it returns. I can't clear the codes, light just blinks at me and makes a little nutty.

    At this point, I'm thinking I need to get into a wiring diagram and chase it through. Problem is, where do I get an ABS1 wiring diagram?
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    I am reasonably sure there is a wiring diagram in the back of the Clymer manual, can't locate mine at the moment, so I could be wrong.
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    Cool ABS-1 Doesn't Clear

    I also have a similiar problem on a 1992 K1. Upon examination I noted that the ABS Controller was leaking some clear fluid out of the "Black Box". Oh oh, I said. So I pulled out my Clymer manual and suplement for 1992-3 models and found the schematic useless! Clymer books for Beemers (K and newer R models) for electrical issues dont help much. I say that because the drawings don't include any termination points on the components on the drawings and there is no description on how the circuits actually operate. Nor what connection to the ECU performs what function. Clymer just doesn't bother to investigate how modern engine control systems operate. Yet all modern engines are controlled by ECUs and auxiliary systems are also controlled by code. They just focus on the mechanical side.

    I found that for this type of problem its best to Google for the drawings and information. You need to be carefull when working on these problems involving te ABS controller or the ECU modules. Never, Never use your Meter to read back into these devices. Disconect the connector to these devices to correctly test the inputs into these two controllers or to test the Servos or sensors.

    There are several hits you will get on how to test your ABS-1 system. I have collected a few of them in a couple of serach sessions. I dont have them handy but you will find them.

    Bottom Line: You should run 4 basic tests on the system. DIsconnect the ABS Controller. Test the two ABS pickups for shorts and continuity. also make shure you check the gap on the sensor to the sensor wheel to ensure the gap is set properly. If the sensor has contacted the pickup wheel, its probably bad. Test the two Servos for the same. It comes down to two possible problems. One the Controller has failed ($1,800.00) or a rebuild, if its not been watered down. Or one of your 4 devices / wiring has failed. Google it (BMW K1100 ABS Trouble shooting, K1 ABS Trouble shooting).

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