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Thread: Banjo bolt torque

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    Banjo bolt torque

    Am caught working on my 2000 1100RT without my manual and don't know the torque for the brake lines banjo bolts. Does anyone know what they are? Or tell me where I can look on the internet.
    Thank You

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    Looks like it's 15 Nm

    34 Brakes R1100RS R1100RT
    Connection Nm Nm
    Brake caliper to slider tube 40 40
    Brake caliper to rear wheel drive 40 40
    Brake disc to front wheel 21 21
    Brake disc to rear wheel drive 21 21
    clean thread + Loctite 273
    Brake hose to brake caliper, front/rear 15 15
    Brake hose to fitting 15 15
    Brake hose to flow distributor 15 15
    Flow distributor to frame 9 9
    Flow distributor to slider tube bridge 9 9
    Flow distributor to holder/slider tube ? 9
    Bleed screw on front brake caliper 7 7
    Bleed screw on rear brake caliper 7 4
    Michael Stock, Trinity, NC
    R1100RT, R100, R60/6

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    Thank you Michale 15 sounds good.

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    I know it's an old thread, but I think it is important to add that the banjo bolts use crush washers. They will rotate at what feels like constant torque for about 1/2 turn until they are fully seated.

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