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    Well, as in the past, we have used the Best of Forum area for important announcements and this month we bring you news of the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition. Work on the much anticipated Anonymous Book Mobile Edition has been in progress for a while and today we have it's unveiling!

    The Anonymous Book Mobile Edition is being released as a "beta" version for testing and feedback. A separate forum has been created for this process with a number of "stickies." Please read them all so your experience with the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition will be as productive as possible. As with any beta release, we do expect some user issues. The Instructions, FAQ and Quick Tips threads can address many of these, but we also want to document as many as possible. All of these anticipated issues will be addressed as the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition takes it's final shape.

    A couple of hints from Omega Man:

    1) The Anonymous Book Mobile Edition is designed for a mobile environment. Although it will display on many desktop browsers, it may not display correctly or require some adjustment to provide the same user experience.

    2) You have to be logged in to the forum to access the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition url. Go to the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition part of the forum and launch the application from the forum! This is part of the security that it recognizes your forum login and authorizes your access to the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition.

    3) Bookmarking the actual url for the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition will not work as expected. You will need to bookmark the forum thread on your mobile device and access the url through the forum. This is for security reasons.

    4) The Moderator Team can't change the book or the listings. What we can do is try to keep this part of the forum on track. Issues should be posted in the Anonymous Book support forum. Login issues or information changes can be directed to or the MOA Membership team for fastest service.

    Click Here to be taken to the Anonymous Book Mobile Edition Forum ~ Logged in Members only.
    Enjoy, The MOA.
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