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Thread: R1100RS idle for years now high oil consumption

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    R1100RS idle for years now high oil consumption

    I had to leave my R1100RS, covered, but idle for three years out in CA. Shipped it back and did a full restoration for the exterior, consumables, brake lines, fuel filter, fuel lines, shocks, etc.. looks and works wonderfully, but.. oil consumption is high, small tell tale blue smoke in exhaust and decreased MPG. I knew sitting idle for so long would take it toll in some areas.

    What are people's thoughts? Is this most likely corroded cylinder and piston rings? I don't have my tools here in DC to a wet/dry compression check. Any other thoughts?

    If it needs a rebore and rings, what is the general price range, $500, $1500, more??

    Thanks for any advice?


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    Put some miles on it first

    Ride it for a little while and see if things settle down a little bit. You didn't provide current mileage or how long it sat. Before you start trying to fix it make sure its broke and not just a little PEE'od from siting.

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    You can't rebore any BMW built after 1981 because they all have aluminum cylinders plated with Nikasil. The Nikasil is much harder than the rings, so at worst, you'll need to replace the rings and break in the engine again. If yours is like mine, you'll find that you can still see the honing marks when you open up the cylinders.

    BTW, I agree with 69zeff65, ride it for a while - several hundred miles - to see if the rings will seat again before you go tearing things apart. Try following BMW's break in advice: vary the engine speed and ride it in the hills to put varying loads on the engine, including engine braking.
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    If the blue smoke is much more noticeable at start, idle then on sudden deceleration, I would likely think valve stem seals first. You can replace them without pulling the head but you need the tools and the patience.

    Once a piston/cylinder is broken in, they stay broken in until stuff wears out. You could be dealing with gummed up rings but it should be a smoker all the time and it might correct itself with good long rides and frequent oil changes.

    You can get OS pistons and bore the cylinders but that is not available to most shops or even DIY's. You need to have the correct type of boring bar and stones. You can deglaze the cylinder with a standard hone, not a spring hone or ball.

    So far, the advice, ride it a bunch and see what happens.
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