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Thread: Learn Garmin BaseCamp Tutorial Videos

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    Thanks for your help. Sorry I listed in the wrong area.

    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    I mentioned in the K1600 closed thread that there was already a length thread on BaseCamp.

    I'm going to move your post into that other thread, so that we can keep all the good stuff together!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilotron46 View Post
    Below is a link to my YouTube tutorials on using Garmin BaseCamp effectively. I got tired of trying to find answers to questions on BaseCamp that I could not find answers too. I created a series of 6 lessons. They are not professional quality, and a couple may be long, but I think you can learn a great deal on how to use Garmin BaseCamp. It has a steep learning curve, but I take a lot of the work and agony out of figuring it all out.

    If you enjoy the video's, please "Like" and Click on the "Bell" to get notifications of future episodes. Also, if you have any questions, please let me know. I am happy to help.

    I am a MOA member and ride a K1600GTL out of Las Vegas.

    I think you or someone should mention somewhere in either this writeup or on your YouTube site that your BaseCamp Videos are for the Mac Version of BaseCamp. It is not the same as the Windows Version of BaseCamp.
    I do very much think there is a need for videos on both versions, Don's videos are for the Windows version. The tools work different and the filing system is also different between the two versions.
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