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    Learn Garmin BaseCamp Tutorial Videos

    During the 2014 MOA Rally BaseCamp seminar, Dan Townsley mentioned these videos for beginners. I am listing these Youtube videos for your use. The only intend is to get you over the learning curve of BaseCamp. As you will note, these are non-professional videos produced by myself with screen recorder software. Also please note while the lessons date back to late 2013, BaseCamp has updates very often and I try to add Nuggets of information to keep current.

    Using Window 8.1 - Zumo 660 -

    I hope they are helpful. I have a discussion forum with some other very versed volunteers located at:

    Each video can run from 2 to 15 minutes...

    Lesson 1 - The Garmin BaseCamp Map and Menu

    Lesson 2 - Data storage for Garmin BaseCamp

    Lesson 3 - Edit and OPTIONS

    Lesson 4 - Create My Collection, your database

    Lesson 5 - The Drawing Tools

    Lesson 6 - Backup Database, Google Earth

    Lesson 7 - Find, Search, Yelp, Icons and Data

    Lesson 8 - Connecting your GPS and moving data

    Lesson 9 - EXTRAS on your GPS unit

    Lesson 10 - Routing with NEW ROUTE tool only

    Lesson 11 - Routing with Waypoints your create

    Lesson 12 - BaseCamp created route and then modify

    Check out Nugget # 4 at the bottom after this lesson Easier method with rubber band using the ALT key

    Lesson 13 - Auto Routing using your data

    Lesson 14 - Adding a stopover and your time element

    Lesson 15 - Common routing errors and how to avoid them

    Lesson 16 - Shared Data Files Conversion to GPX format

    Lesson 17 - Garmin POI Loader moving data to your GPS unit

    Lesson 18 - Garmin Custom Waypoint Symbols

    Lesson Nugget 1 - Making your map larger and more controls.... short video.

    Lesson Nugget 2 - The best accessory for Garmin BaseCamp is the Mouse with center track this video shows... Less than 2 mins..

    Lesson Nugget 3 - How to extend a saved routed your created. I offer three methods...I hope to plant an idea that you may use.

    Lesson Nugget 4 -The "ALT" key will make using the "Rubber Band Routing" method easy and simply and will use less keystrokes to edit data.

    Update More great documentation to Learn Garmin BaseCamp for PCs and MACs

    Kudos to Ed Conde for his Learn Garmin BaseCamp for PCs

    Kudos to Ed Conde and Steve Bruning for Learn BaseCamp for MACs

    This documentation is an excellent presentation to help you Learn BaseCamp for both PC and Mac.
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