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Thread: Schuberth and J&M Headsets?

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    Schuberth and J&M Headsets?

    Good Morning All,

    I called J&M to ask about a headset for my Schuberth helmet. I received a polite reply that J&M didn't recommend any of their headsets for use in a Schuberth. When I asked if there was a problem I should be aware of with J&M's installed in a Schuberth they were a little hesitant to talk and suggested I e-mail John Lazzeroni himself (the "J" in J&M?). His reply back wasn't any more informative. I had sent an e-mail to Schuberth back in March asking them about headsets and they were non-committal also, other than "lots of people" have successfully installed headsets. Anyone know what's going on? Has anyone with a J&M headset in a Schuberth had any problems? I kept getting the impression there may be more to the story.

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    My dealer said that there wasn't as much room for the J&M in the Schubert as in other helmets. They were hesitant to do it also. I know that the dealer in Charlotte NC has done it before. My Schubert fits tight enough around the ears that I've decided against it.

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    I was able to put a headset into mine. It required some very small torx screw drivers, a dremel moto tool, two sided tape, intestinal fortitude (for taking it apart and sculpting the hard foam) and a great deal of patience.

    It took the better part of 6-8 hours (I wanted to make absolutely sure I could get it back together). I was really surprised that there are molded in ear cups for a head set. They were too shallow for the J&M ones and I had to shape them (very carefully) but it worked very well. The worst part was adapting the cheek piece for the microphone.

    I suspect (but cannot prove) that several things are at work; insurance, volume and marketing considerations. Everyone (perhaps especially BMW/Schuberth) is very concerned about insurance in this litigious society. The German helmets probably don't have the volume to interest a manufacturer in creating a "system". And isn't JM in bed with some other helmet manufacturer?

    Still like the helmet and for me it was a worth while project.

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