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Thread: 32nd Green Mountain Rally

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    32nd Green Mountain Rally

    September 5-7 in Goshen, Vermont. Rally Shirts are pre-order only. For advanced Registration, Rally Shirts, and answers to questions, go to

    Be there - it is a beautiful setting in the middle of the Green Mountains. Come hear the Snake Mountain Bluegrass Band on Friday, and the one and only Lyman Foss telling Old Vermonter stories. He's a hoot!

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    ...and there's lots of good GS riding to be had in the neighborhood, whether you prefer gravel roads, slightly less maintained byways, or the occasional section of class-four road that will cause the dirt-bike riders to look at you really funny. GPX routes will be available.

    There's some of this nearby:

    And a bit of this (although this particular photo is not on the big-bike route):

    This is part of the extra-fun route, but the parking job is strictly optional:

    Video evidence:
    Cobb Hill Road

    Brown Hill Road

    Mason Hill Road (not part of the big-bike route)

    So head on over to and register, and we'll see you there!
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    Is there room for the wife and I this weekend?
    Thanks Tony
    We're not here for a long time
    We're here for a good time HUEY LEWIS

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