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Thread: Zumo 550 or BMW Navigator?

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    Zumo 550 or BMW Navigator?

    A month ago I bought a 2012 GS that has the mount, cradle and wiring for the current generation of BMW Navigator. The PO kept the Navigator to use on his other bike. I have a Zumo 550 with mount and wiring left-over from my last bike, and will be installing that soon as I don't see the $$$ for a Navigator (DAMN those things are pricey, even used!) in my budget right now.

    The question is, is the Navigator a worthwhile upgrade at some future point?

    As yet I haven't felt a need to do anything fancy with GPS. I mostly just use it as a supplement to paper maps and every now and then ask it to get me to a simple destination.

    I find the 550 fairly easy to use for the simple functions I generally get into, and I've heard people gripe about the Navigator not being the most user-friendly.

    So what are y'all's thoughts?
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    I have the BMW Zumo which is the same as the Zumo 550. I don't plan to upgrade unless my unit dies. The new Zumos and Navigators have a few extra features, but it's not worth the extra money to me.
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    With the BMW Nav V now available I've seen a number of Nav IV's for sale at relatively low prices. Maybe try a Google search or look at the K1600 Forum.

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