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Thread: may I get some feedback on pricing a side car-R50/2 rig please?

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    may I get some feedback on pricing a side car-R50/2 rig please?

    Hi to the Fourm:
    I purchased the bike in 77? from a BMW dealer in Warren Ohio. Some dummy, cut off the rear mounting ball before I got it, and it appears to have taken a rear-crash too. Repainted, but the pin striping is missing on the rear fender. The dealer did a lot to replace noisy bearings at the time, and rebuilt some of the engine, and the transmission. About 13000 miles then. I had the side car professionally installed that same year, and the mounting beefed up a few years later. I?d not had to change the alignment since 79. Serial numbers match.

    I?ve maintained the bike myself, with yearly 5000/10000 mile services for lubricants, valves, and the like. I switched to a slash /s rear end with lower ratio, and a wheel expert modified a Harley Rim with SS spokes and put on the classic brit sidecar tire. Replaced the shocks with Konis and the heavy duty sidecar spring. Put on 6V halogen headlight, and have most of the removed original parts. I redid the brakes in the 80?s, new double seat maybe 15 years ago. I had the bike?s serviced in dealers in Peabody, MA 2003, and once in Ithaca. Both dealers are defunct. I?ve done oil, valves, lubricants, ignition, etc. New Carb floats about 3 years ago.
    Only leak is gas if you hold the prime/ flood button too long. No oil, etc. on the floor of the garage, not significant old consumption, and compression test was fine a few years back.
    About 22,000 miles on it now. Maybe 100 miles a year use.

    Much of the Magura rubber needs replacement. Starts on 1-2 kicks if you tickle it right.
    Pics show most of the major warts, scratches. Sidecar is very nice, chrome still shiny on wheel, brake is working.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    So, the total miles on the bike is around 35K? Any major engine work done to date? I guess I'm wondering about slingers, etc. Typically, they have to be done every 40K plus or minus depending on usage and oil type. Does the bike have the sidecar transmission...lower first gear ratio?

    Do you remember who did the painting? Looks close to the Bristol grey of the day.

    I don't know sidecars very well. The bike might be worth $5-7K...just throwing something out there. Sidecar maybe another $2K??? From the List of Resources, there are other sites that might have a better handle on the sidecar valuation...there is the Yahoo group for on-going discussions:
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    The paint& stripes look to be original color and quality

    If I had to guess I would say that's a very nice repaint in Bristol Grey R 60/2 of 1964 or '65 vintage. Would the frame and front sheet metal be original paint possibly? Color looks correct and stripes are where they should be and look to be the correct size, that's why I ask.

    You should think about getting the lower end of the motor (crankshaft, bearings and slingers) gone through if it hasn't been done by you since you picked it up 35 or so years ago. Other than that I wouldn't try fix it if ain't broke.

    I have a restored (did most of it myself) Bristol Grey R 69S (see BMW RA adds) and its nice to see another correct Bristol Grey /2 come out of the garage. Holt BMW has the correct color by the way.

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    Rig feedback

    Bought one of those Velorex cars in the late '70's new for $650 and the retail was around $900 maybe.
    Minimal rig that could have used a 5th or 6th connection point to strengthen the marginal 4 pt connections.
    It should not be a great asset to the combination( bike/car ). Jawa ? car was probably made for up to 350cc bikes, but not limited to that size.

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    I would contact Craig at for a value estimate.
    Bob Weis
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