Having problems with logging into the new site? Here are step by step instructions (screen shots coming):

1. Go to...

2. Follow the directions on the page to login. While it may look different, this is the old site where you would have registered for a rally or updated your anonymous listing, etc. If you can't remember the password for this portion of the site, go to the bottom of the page, and click on the "reset my password" link and put in your e-mail address.

If you can log in, skip to #5.

If you had to use the "reset my password" link:

3. Use the link sent in the e-mail address and reset your password.

4. Login with the new password. IF you haven't updated your login (username), you will probably use your Member # for your login.

5. You should now be on a page welcoming you and a new set of instructions. At the bottom of the page follow the link to update your username and password.

6. Update your username and password. This update will apply to both the secure services and the regular MOA site (e.g. the forum).

7. Click on the link for the forum at the top of the page. This will take you to the forum and the 'regular' BMWMOA site.

8. Log into the forum with your username and the password you created in step #6.

If you still can't get in, or if the reset password e-mail never arrives, contact us at webmaster@bmwmoa.org.