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Thread: Harley Recall

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogthebasher View Post
    I see this Harley issue no different at all than a common issue some of us (including me) have experienced with sudden FPC failures on our BMWs. I was on an extremely busy expressway in the Left hand lane with no escape route travelling ~120Kph surrounded by cars and most importantly one very close behind me when mine failed. RTs slow down REAL FAST with no fuel and I can say I had a few seconds of great concern as I managed to squeeze left as far as possible against the median to avoid being hit from behind. There is no BMW recall for the replacement part even though I firmly believe this is an issue that compromises safety. They do have a different recall for the potential water ingress issue however that was not I experienced what my bike.

    Therefore I do acknowledge Harley as recognizing a safety issue and at least responding to it. In BMWs cause it was not acknowledged or responded to.
    GM recently recalled a bunch of new vehicles for inaccurate fuel gauges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motodan View Post
    "Most recent" models went back to floats...strips are history like their "power" brakes.
    If your statement is fact, it raises other questions: 1. Can the float system give the digital readouts of the strip system? 2. If so, why did BMW not replace faulty strips with a float system? Or did they start using float systems again before they found "the final answer" to the fuel strip problem? And I am questioning whether they did.

    I think it fair to say that very few of us care how our gas gauge (or digital readout work.) We simply want it to be pretty accurate and not have a flashing light when you know you have a half tank of fuel.

    So, has this problem been resolved for new bikes and have the folks with problems had them resolved without charge?

    Am I asking the right questions?
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    The first K bikes had fuel strips and BMW had to go to floats due to the strips being no good. Looks like that lesson was lost in the following years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roncooper View Post
    The first K bikes had fuel strips and BMW had to go to floats due to the strips being no good. Looks like that lesson was lost in the following years.
    OK, since I owned number 30 of the initial US production lot of the K75c (1986) and it had no fuel strip (just a low fuel level warning light), what early K-models are you talking about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesInCA View Post
    How would a defective fuel-level sensor cause you to run out of fuel?
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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