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Thread: '04 R1150 RTP--decent buy?

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    '04 R1150 RTP--decent buy?

    A forum admin said it is ok for me to post this, it came up in the Airhead forum when I was discussing using my Bumblebee as a commuter bike. I'm considering this bike:

    to use as a commuter up 101 from Gilroy to San Jose. It seems like a great commuter bike, the price seems ok, my concern is that the seller doesn't seem to have done any work on the drivetrain. A police bike is likely to need drivetrain work after 60k+ miles, right?

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    I think that all depends. If you are going to convert this to a two seater, you will do better just finding a regular RT. If you are going to be leaving it alone, it might be a good deal. It seems like it is maintained well. But with high millage used bikes you never know. Take it for a test ride. If you find any vibrations or leaks you might want to walk away. My only concern would be the shocks may need servicing/replacing. The final drive may or may not have issues in the near future. The roters may need to be replaced if they are not thick enough to pass an inspection. Do you know your states requirements for rotor thickness ?

    My favorite Tests:
    1) Wiggle the rear wheel if you see play it will need pivot point bearings.
    2) slow tight turns can tell you if the front bearings need to be replaced or if the gas in the shocks are old.
    3) riding at different speeds may tell if you something is not right with the frame/ alignment and motor.
    4) check the left hand cam chain tensioner. If it has the stock one, it will need replacing.
    5) check the brake rotor thickness. ( new rotors are kind of pricy)

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    RTP has poor resale because of the life they lead. They do need professionally decomissioned, so the wiring is not a problem. Saying it is done, does not mean it was done well. It will need shocks, and may need clutch and parts. This is a tough bike, so most likely you will ride many miles on a distinctive bike.


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    The RTPs in San Jose are probably serviced by San Jose BMW. If you can get the VIN the service guy might print you a copy of the service records for that bike. I'll bet it's had a clutch or two done. This is usually private data but this was a publicly owned bike so it might not be a big deal. Always nice to know anything you can about service history before a purchase.
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    I purchased an '04 RT-P with 56K miles on it. It was regularly serviced by the local dealership. The only issues I've had were the fuel pump failed after a year and the headlamp assembly went bad. Everything else is fine and the bike is a great ride. It is still a single seater with the communications box.

    Great advice from the others on checking the service records, but also take it to a reputable mechanic to have it check out too.

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