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Thread: Using Zumo Car Mount on Bike

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    Using Zumo Car Mount on Bike

    I'm going to use my zumo 660 on a rental bike in europe so it is likely I will see some wet weather. I am planning on using the car mount bracket with cig lighter power cord, attached to a handlebar mount ball that fits into the car bracket (standard auto 17 mm ball size). My only concern is the power cord connection to the garmin bracket is not waterproof. Should I anticipate problems if it rains and if so, other than throwing a zip lock bag over it, any better way to protect it?

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    You can always wrap it in a plastic bag, however, the bigger issue is that there are active electronics in both the car and bike mounts and they instruct the Zumo to behave in different ways depending on which mount you are using. I don't have an itemized list of the differences, maybe you can find one on zumoforums.
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