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Thread: Need Paint Code

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    Need Paint Code

    Dropped my '12 Vermilion. I've got the code for the red, but the right side cover for the "entertainment" cubby is all scratched up. I need the code for that gray. I figure I can just get a rattle can from Color Rite rather than pay $175 for a new piece.



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    Paint codes

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenoneil View Post
    Thanks for the suggestion Steve, I posed the question because ColorRite doesn't show the code for the grey; I guess I should have been more specific. In the meantime I found it on one of the online dealer fiches. The grey pieces on the GTs and I assume the GTLs are "Ostra Grey," BMW code M28.


    The paint is on the way from ColorRite. I bought the "aerosol kit" since I am going to paint the entire piece. It includes the matte clearcoat required on the grey parts. If the color turns out to be wrong, I will post back here within a week, but I expect it to be the right code.


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