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Thread: '14 RT Backrest

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    '14 RT Backrest

    Has anyone purchased a backrest for the 2014 R1200RT without a top case? Who's unit was it and can you post some pictures?
    thanks, ama

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    I don't even have my bike but have used one of these for a previous bike. It is quite popular and the only one I know that is out for the 2014. Hopefully an owner will chime in with more info.
    Bakup Backrest

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    If you are referring to the driver back rest I can help. I purchased one before the recall. It is a BAKUP and cost a litytle more than $300.00 I have had them before and it is a good unit. Their nubmer is 985/758-5558. I put mine on yesterday and it looks good. Can't wait to try it while the bike is in motion. Soon I hope.

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