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Thread: RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend

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    RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend

    I arrived home not too long ago from this year's RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend that Christa Neuhauser, her son Florian and the rest of her talented RoadRUNNER team put on. The event was held at the Snowshoe Ski Resort in Snowshoe, WV. I'm the cheese ball in the middle:

    Between the three satisfyingly good buffet dinners, excellent accommodations at the resort, guided and unguided rides, friendly staff who all have a love for riding, and of course bingo for cool riding gear and such - what a great time!

    My favorite ride was the dual sport ride shared by like-minded dirt/gravel enthusiasts. I managed to only drop my GS once in the mud, not bad for 90/10 tires. I know, I know, it's not if but when you drop it off pavement - just a couple pieces of plastics to replace. Couple of pics of the route and my new friends:

    The ski resort was a great place for this. As Christa said, "Where there are mountains there are curvy roads, where there are curvy roads there is great motorcycling."

    Depending on how you look at it, there was absolutely no cell phone service. A little nerve wrecking when you're trying to run a business but with the largest radio telescope in the world listening for E.T. to call, I can understand the security radius for zero to no telecommunications. I actually started to relax and enjoy the event. Pretty awesome telescope though - some 300' in diameter:

    Can't wait for next year. If any of you have never been then I would highly recommend it. And of course the magazine is pretty great too! Subscriber since '04.

    Did anybody else go?
    More life,
    '14 R1200GS

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    Wife's illness kept me from attending, hopefully next year.
    Did they announce the 2015 location?

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    Winston-Salem, NC. July 16th - 19th, 2015.
    More life,
    '14 R1200GS

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