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Thread: Photos on the way to the Rally

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    Photos on the way to the Rally

    Kbasa left on 7/5, and he is in Kansas today. He managed to upload a few photos of the trip before the battery on the laptop went.

    He was sitting in the parking lot of the hotel, the only place he could get access via the cellular modem. More text and pictures on another day.

    The very nice officer in Nevada

    More photos here: Smugmug gallery

    Tina Swider
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    Nice officer

    Was that before or after he decided whether or not to write you a ticket?

    On the east coast a camera in the hand will get you a "strickly by the book" ticket every time. At an undocumented stop you have a much better chance of getting a verbal warning and a nice conversation.

    Post Rodney King - cameras make cops nervous. They smell like lawsuit. Just remember to ask before you pull out the camera.


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    Here's the story on the stop.

    He clocked me at significantly more than the 80 in a 70 he wrote me for. He was a good guy and we shot the breeze for a bit before I left.

    Him: "Where you headed tonight?"

    Me: "Glenwood Springs, CO"

    Him: "Woah. What time did you leave this morning?"

    Me: "4:15"

    Him: "Wow. You're making good.....(sigh) I don't wanna know."

    Me: *giggle*

    Him: "Be safe now, OK?" *smiles*

    Me: "Can I take your picture?"

    Him: "Sure. But I won't smile."

    Me: "OK."

    He was cool and the ticket's only $75. It's a far cry from any stop I've had back east. The cops out west are a lot less wound up.

    I put some more pictures up over on Ride Reports.

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

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