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Thread: rainsuit suggestions

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    BMW Klima comfort 2 is the new version

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    I ride with a Klim Badlands Pro jacket and pants combo along with a pair of Sidi Adventure Gortex boots....Don't need a separate rain suit.....or mesh jacket....or winter jacket..... Best riding gear I have ever owned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemeup View Post
    The best rain suit that I've ever had that didn't have armor was the BMW Clima Control rain suit. It was pricey as
    many BMW things are, but it kept you dry and would breathe so that you didn't sweat and then become cold and clammy.
    Unfortunately they don't make these anymore, but if you see one on a BMW forum, E-Bay or Craig's List, I'd buy it because
    they are top notch. I still have mine, but have since moved on to the ultimate solution.....I got a Klim Jacket/Pants that are
    armored and gore-tex waterproof......very pricey, but the final solution that covers staying dry and staying safe in one product.
    It also eliminates the rushed stopping to put on a suit as it's starting to rain stop on my trips which is nice.
    Ditto this ^^^^^

    I know it's too late as this trip is in progress already BUT

    I have one piece Triumph rain suits for me n her. I've used mine over the years with good solid effect, staying dry in England and the Isle Of Man during some heavy storms, traveling in massive heavy rain etc.
    The thing works great IF you get it all Velcro'd together JUST right... It's black but has retro reflective belt and slash stripe down the back from one shoulder to opposite side waistband.

    However, I have recently spent the big bucks on Rukka jacket, gloves, and pants. I found that by the time you see rain coming, stop and put all the gear on to stay dry.... I'm already wet!
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    Thanks for all the comments.
    I ended up getting Frogg-Toggs Kikker II jacket & Horny toadz pants.
    I don't know yet about the waterproofing (reviews are excellent though) but I tried the jacket as a windbreaker over my mesh jacket and it does breathe very well.

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