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Thread: What's your strangest or funniest interaction with a motorist?

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    I in the Summers I ride to Brooklyn to visit my daughter

    Always wanted to go back to the West Coast via between Lake Superior and the other next to it. Unfortunately there is always some darn storm.

    This one time , I looked on the weather ch.: a clear upcoming sunny day. I am excited. I pack my then K16 and get it ready to head out. Next morning , all full of joyful expectations, I get up early am...just for the hell of it, I turn on the Weather Ch and I see pics of an on going 90 mph windy storm, overturning cars.

    ...and that was my last attempt to ride between the Lakes
    "...whether is clear to you or not, the universe is unfolding as it should"

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    Can't remember if I posted this.
    Back in the '70s, someone walked up to my R90, within a foot of the tank and said
    "beautiful bike. What is it, a Harley?"

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    I have a grey roadcrafter with hi-vis accents and a silver helmet.
    Sitting a light, a car pulls up no a little kid in the back seat yells “mom, it’s a Power Ranger, it’s a Power Ranger”
    Totally made my day
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    I had a HD rider ask me "what are those things sticking out", pointing down at my airhead cylinders. I said "my cylinders"

    He said "well how do you go around corners"

    I said "follow me & see if you can keep up"
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    Quote Originally Posted by sal View Post
    I have a grey roadcrafter with hi-vis accents and a silver helmet.
    Sitting a light, a car pulls up no a little kid in the back seat yells “mom, it’s a Power Ranger, it’s a Power Ranger”
    Totally made my day
    And made the KID’S day!
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    So I go into a fast food place for lunch and when I reach the counter, carrying my helmet and clad in my leather jacket (brown - not even black!) I'm staring down at a lady about 80-years old or more and no more than 4'10" or so in height. Now, I'm hardly the picture of a "bad-arsed biker", but I guess she'd seen too may bad biker movies - the look on her face as I sat my helmet on the counter was one of actual fear. This was gonna be a tough one. So I said "Hello, how are you today, ma'am?". She managed to get out a whispered "okay" and I ordered my food. She told me the amount and as she handed me my change I said "Thank you, ma'am" and dropped the change in the charity jar that was there. Soon my food was there and I told her "Thank you ma'am, you have a nice day". Well, she broke into a huge smile and said "You are very welcome". Hopefully I managed a little change of heart that day.
    There is some perverse beauty about being up in the air looking down at your bike during a high-side get-off.

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    I have the distinct pleasure of being able to lane split here in California. As I commute daily 60 mi round trip, I get to do it a lot. During the summer, I occasionally see young women passengers with their feet poking out the passenger window. I like to give them a tap as I go by. I've scored 5 or 6 taps over the course of the past few years. It's my motorcycle fetish.

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    In 1977 I'm riding my hotrodded Norton. When I go down into this viaduct I get on it and exit just shy of 100. My luck, that day there's a Cook county cop pointing his radar gun at me. I"m thinking I"m screwed as I stop at the light just down the road watching him fly up beside me. He leans over , rolls down the window and gives the thumbs up while saying niiiice bike. Made my day!

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    Was at a vacant White Castle inside eating and when leaving a lady near my age says, " Are you riding that bike ?" It's a 1250 RT heavily laden, and I'm pushing 71 with white hair. I nod yes, and she says, "I'd never have thought that!". So I just kept walking and said "gooday ". Still don't know how to take that one!

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    I was on my way to the Rally in Billings and had stopped at a rest area in Western PA for a smoke and some water. A nice old gentleman looked over my bike and seeing my Maine plates commented that I was a long ways from home. We chatted about where I was headed, and he commented he was on his way to meet his son in Ohio they were going to a car show in Oregon and would be doing some sight seeing. He was very excited as he'd never been west of the Mississippi and it was a life long dream to "Go See the West". We had a very pleasant talk, he lead an interesting life and shared a few stories with me, we soon parted ways wishing each other well. Fast forward two weeks, I had just gotten room outside Iowa City and was sitting beside the bike smoking a cigar. This hot rod Camero slowly drove past me, slowing down the driver and passenger were obscured behind window tint but seemed to be giving me the once over. I didn't pay much mind. A few minutes later a middle aged man approached and asked me if I remember talking to a guy from PA a couple weeks ago. I scratched my head a minute, spoke to a lot of people over the last few weeks, just then the same old man whom I talked with at the rest stop, walked up and stuck out his hand, the other fellow was his son. We had a great laugh, two weeks and thousands of miles and meet up again out of the blue. He was ecstatic over his trip, showed me lots of pictures he'd taken of the things they'd seen.

    It's one of my good road memories.
    So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key

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    It's the early 90s and I'm commuting in Boston on my R100RS. I roll up next to an 850i on Congress St. that has the window down. The driver is kinda checking the bike out, so I flip up my visor and say, "I didn't know BMW made cars."

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

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    Years ago I was on one off my favorite rides RTE25B towards VT. , carving the twisters and long curves when I came upon a group of 20 heavy iron riders riding parade style. Bandanas flying , the whole deal. Knowing that if I didn't make my move on the next straight I would be be missing the best part of the ride. So I made my move ,receiving hard glares till I got the to the front, the leader on my side started to give that look till he saw the the road sign, and immediately gave me a wave and the thumbs up.

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    Passing a parade of 1%'s may not end so well. A buddy of mine did that and he was chased down and the rider attempted to run him off the road. He wasn't expecting the attack from his six so he wasn't looking for it. Fortunately he's a talented rider and was able to easily out ride the heavy iron enforcer. If the group is patched and it's obvious it's not some innocuous club like Vets or Christians, I would rather pull over, let them get well ahead of me and then continue on.

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