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Thread: 92 R100RS clock covering

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    92 R100RS clock covering

    For some reason the plastic piece covering the clock face is becoming clouded over ... not moisture but more like the material is degrading. Clock works just fine, just can't see most of the face ! Anyone experience this ? How does the clock itself come out of the instrument panel ? Thanks.
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    The clock is held in place with 2 plastic knurled nuts and a cross bracket.
    You have to get in there and unscrew the nuts an the take off the bracket and the clock will come out of the dash.
    Small hands will help! Pay attention to the wires as you remove it. The clock does not come apart, so a replacement must be found. VDO has similar units at a fraction of a BMW prices.
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    I had the clock and volt meter do the same thing after some cleaner I used.
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    The clock on my 81 RT has a dusty look to the inside of the glass also. They are sealed.

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