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Thread: Ethanol, Do you Avoid Using Gas Containing Ethanol?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 36654 View Post
    It was sarcasm directed at the blanket statement in a prior posting.
    (1) I do not want to turn this into an off-topic political debate, and (2) this is a totally non-partisan commentary - I am disgusted by both parties equally. Having said that...

    The interstate highway system was a great project by the federal government from the time it was conceived up until it was largely completed, and I would argue that the government did a lot of very good things in that time period, up until the 70s or 80s. But in the last 20 years, what would you say it has done really well and benefitted the country as a whole? Health care? Transportation? Education? Infrastructure? Energy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunc723 View Post
    (1) I do not want to turn this into an off-topic political debate,
    It would appear that if you were really sincere about not turning this discussion into an off-topic political debate, you wouldn't follow up your introduction to your post with three or four completely off-topic political questions..... Just saying!

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