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Thread: Reg Primore's CLASS at VIR

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    Reg Primore's CLASS at VIR

    Attended the 2 day CLASS at VIR mid-June. I'd had the K1600GT for about 2 1/2 years but this was the first time I had the chance to get it on a track. CLASS is a riders safety course and concentrates on riding techniques for the road. The instructors are top notch and provide input both on and off the track. You have Group A and Group B (slower) riders. 20 minutes on the track followed by 20 minutes in the classroom. VIR is newly paved and probably the premier road course in the USA. For CLASS we ran the "North Course" which is about 2.25 miles long and has everything from a fast straightway to uphill off camber turn. My top speed was 141 mph. I ran it up that high ONCE, it was all I could do to make turn 1. Most of the time I used the straightway to relax and get ready for the next lap, 125 mph was a comfortable speed... If you haven't done a few track days on your bike you don't know what your missing. The learning curve is massive.
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    I attended CLASS many years ago in Phoenix @ Firebird Raceway. It was great.

    I started B but after I rode with Jason Pridmore, they moved me up to A. What fun that was.

    I still use much of those techniques, but get scolded for two-finger braking.
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