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Thread: 2012 RT Trigger source for switched auxiliary fuse block

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    2012 RT Trigger source for switched auxiliary fuse block

    Trying to find a convenient switched 12V source for the relay to control my auxiliary fuse block. The powerlet and GPS circuits have a delay when the key is switched off. The tail light is not 12 V until the brake is applied.

    Anybody know where I can easily connect to 12 V that goes off as soon as the key is in the off position?

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    Have a peek at this-
    It's a nice plug-n-play non-invasive connector working off the parking light bulb.
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    When I got my new 2011 RT I didn't want to go tearing into the nose of the bike to get to a parking light wire, so I "temporarily" connected my fuse box to the rear accessory power socket. It has a 25 second delay before shutting down, but so what? I'll get back to it later. Three years later my "temporary" hook-up is still doing the job and the project is at the bottom of my ever-growing to-do list. If it works don't fix it.


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    The easiest switched 12 volt source I found for mounting an aux fuse block under the seat is a green wire in the round plug that is used to plug in a diagnostic tool. Remove the cap and check out the wiring at the base of the plug. It's close and convenient and it sure beats stringing a wire to the headlight plug up front.

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    You could just try a search- this topic has been covered a hundred times in the past few years. THere is nothing novel in the wiring of your 2012 from any other hexhead/camhead bike that impacts the choice of which there are at least 6 readily accessible

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