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    Thumbs up Tahoe Tour Part I

    Israel and I set out for one more ride this summer before school starts. We'd had a busy couple of weeks with family and other responsibilities and were looking forward to a few more days on the road.

    Our first stop was Cambria, a short two-hour ride out the 58 to the coast. There we stayed at the Castle Inn which we would highly recommend. In addition to its proximity to the ocean and its super-clean rooms, they deliver breakfast in the morning at a time you specifiy.

    Cambria is a charming sea-side town with no shortage of scenery or good eateries. Check out the Sow's Ear for dinner anytime you are in the vicinity. The ocean and the wooden walkway offer lots of great scenery, too.

    The next day we rode up Hwy 1 toward another favorite spot, Carmel, which makes Cambria, for all its charm, look like a truck stop. The coast was socked in, so there were no ocean views, but it was a brisk 65 degrees or so, a welcome respite from Bakersfield's hellish summer.

    A brief rest with a warning:

    Where the steep slope leads. . . .

    If you're into man-made structures, the Bixby Creek Bridge is a Hwy 1 favorite. Completed in 1932, it was built under the WPA, part of Roosevelt's New Deal. The bridge is located about 18 miles south of Carmel, and‘«Ųbelieve it or not‘«Ųit is one of the top ten highest single-span bridges in the world.

    When in Carmel, we like to stay at the Carmel Sands Lodge. It's reasonablly priced for the area, is located centrally, has an attached steak house, and offers rooms with balconies overlooking the village.

    If you travel there, check out the Forge in the Forest restaurant. A bit pricey, but great food and wonderful ambience.

    If you are interested in Carmel, oodles more pictures can be found here.

    After the cool of Carmel, We had a long, hot ride to Tahoe on the 80 through Sacramento. We stopped at A&S Powersports (the US's largest BMW dealer) and when we tried to buy two T-shirts, they insisted on giving them to us. A single bright spot on an otherwise brutal ride. Because A&S took us slightly out of our way, we were treated to a short section of the 49 to get to the 50, the highway leading to South Lake Tahoe, pictured below:

    In Tahoe we spent two days at the Alpenrose Inn. It was difficult to find a room at the peak of their season. Most were $250/night AND sold out. We lucked upon this one, which was clean, reasonable, charming, and run by a German woman named Hannah who was the consumate host. Free gourmet coffee and danish in the morning, besides. I might add that the hotel is quiet, off the main drag, and within walking distance of the casinos.

    No shortage of interesting scenery as stateline, especially at night.

    Continued at Tahoe Tour Part II
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    Thumbs up Tahoe Tour Part II

    Continued from Tahoe Tour Part I

    After enjoying two cool days, a ride around the lake, and some casino time, we hopped on the 89 and headed south to the 395 and Lee Vining. On the way we were treated to lots of great scenery. A brief stop in Markleeville (don't blink, you'll miss it) led us to the Wolf Creek restaurant and one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten‘«Ųa "Turkey Murphy."

    Iz posing for a roadside picture on the 89. . .

    . . . taking in this wonderful view, in or around Monitor Pass, if I recollect properly:

    The ride to Lee Vining grew increasingly cloudy until the heavens parted and started to rain hard on us. It showered for about 10 minutes, not quite enough to soak us behind the RT's fairing. After another 20 miles (7 miles out of town), it started to really cut loose. Got soaked in parts, but with no available shelter and only 7 miles to go, we left the rainsuits in the bag and hotfooted it to town. We arrived wet, but not drenched.

    Our accomodations showed promise with a view of Mono Lake, but offered a dingy room with only a sliding door entrance‘«Ųwith no AC that means going to sleep with only a screen between you and whoever wants to wander in. Though no serial killers entered during the night, at least one blood sucker did, resulting in no fewer than seven bug bites. Definitely not worth the money;we suggest you check out the Best Western across the street.

    Requisite silly vacation photo:

    The next morning we were up early and headed to Yosemite. We were tired and anxious to get home, so it was a short tour through the park. Only three hours from our driveway, we reasoned that we could return soon; nonetheless, we made time for a few shots:

    In all, it was a good trip and another from which we returned safe and sound. If you're interested, the rest of the pictures are here. Thanks for reading.
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    Awesome Ride Report And Breath Taking Photos.....
    Thanks For Taking Us Along...

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    Merged the two threads together

    Cool pictures

    Oh yeah, I merged it together to one thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradfordBenn
    Cool pictures

    Oh yeah, I merged it together to one thread....
    Thanks. . . and much appreciate the assist.

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    Thumbs up

    nice report. grrrrrrrr-eat pictures.
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    What a gorgeous part of the world for a ride! Great pictures.

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    My wife and I rode down 395 and over Tioga last weekend. What jaw-dropping beauty!! I think that everyone should be required to ride this road at least once before they die. We're planning on getting back over to see Bodie before Summer peters out, but that may not happen. Nice report, and beautiful pics!!

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    Very cool pics man.....

    I love Tahoe, thanks for showing em...

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    NICE pix ... here's my Carmel favorite: the Highlands Inn
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    But here's what I think about when I think of California ... (shot around Russian River)
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    Nice trip report.
    Jim Johnson, OP Kansas
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