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Thread: Starter not turning....

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    Matthew observed the relative scarcity of the problem - battery showing adequate voltage yet unable to sustain a load - in that in his experience, he has seen this less than a handful of times in the last decade.

    Let this be a lesson to all of us.

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    I tried a generic starter on my 1978 R80/7 with no luck. BMW starter was $28.15 from dealer. Since this will probably still be functioning some 30 years past my trip to the graveyard, its money well spent. Good luck with yours.
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    I doubt you're going to get OEM functionality with a relay from NAPA. The OEM relay has internal features/diodes that the over-the-counter relay isn't going to have. Get the right relay or dig inside the current one and see if you can clean it up as others have suggested.

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    starter not turning

    I have frequently encountered this in batteries. Under load if the voltage drops rapidly yet returns rapidly on release its a defective cell, if it returns slowly it is either under charged or sulphated. Cell connectors inside can become open/high resistance. If open no danger just no start but a high resistance can heat rapidly enough to ignite the hydrogen gas inside & blow the top off of the battery = acid in face. Use caution around a battery.

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    How does one diagnose whether or not the starter button is working?
    Find out which wire is the wire that connects from the starter button to the starter relay, and check both to see if there is hot input to the starter button first, and then check to see if there is hot output from the button (if there is hot to the button).

    Your problem sounds to me like it is this or the relay. Don't just buy a new relay. Then can be disassembled, cleaned, and re-assembled and sealed with good success.

    If there is hot going to the relay (from the starter button) then check to see if relay is working (clicking) and then see why there is not hot going to starter.
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