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Thread: "New BMW Owner" I want to get an intercom system !!!

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    I have used a Starcom (same company as Autocom now) for about 8 years. Up until the latest GPS (Zumo 665) is has performed flawlessly except for a few cables that needed replacing here and there. Plugging in isn't that big of a hassle once you get accustomed to it, and have things mounted well. I liked not having to worry about batteries.

    That said, after 3 different Zumo 665's and trying every cable that Starcom makes to hook the GPS to my intercom, including the "sure to work" non-stereo cable for audio and mic, I don't have full functionality. My phone pairs quickly with my GPS, phonebook dowloads, everything works great about making calls except the person on the other end of the call can't hear me.

    The phone functionality is something I have lived without for a while, but since it's supposed to work, it bugs me that it won't at times that I may like it to, like when calling a motel from the bike to make a reservation.

    I think the new 20S from Sena looks pretty outstanding, and as another poster pointed out, it can be charged on the go, and you can enjoy several hours of riding not plugged in, and on shorter rides won't have to worry about plugging in at all. If you don't mind plugging in, and phone functionality isn't an absolute must, there are some advantages to a hard wired system too. There are some good choices available both ways, and no matter what anyone says, there isn't one best solution that works best for everyone. Folks just like to tout what they have chosen themselves as the be all end all.

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    I use the Sena 10R with my Zumo 660, and the cellphone BTs to the 660 so my Sena gets it.
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