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Thread: Steering Nut Loose on new 1600GT Sport

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    Thumbs down Steering Nut Loose on new 1600GT Sport

    I just took my new Sport GT into Foothills BMW in Lakewood Co for a simple Running In Check (700 miles) which consisted of basically an oil change and a bunch of mechincal checks for about $350. The Service Dept there is not known for reliable service and sure enough when I went to pick up my bike my front wheel seemed to be out of sync with my handlebars. The front end felt loose. The Service Mgr., Justin Lassy, came out and thought it was the paralever. He passed it off to the technician who had just ridden it 7 miles and declared the bike fit. Sometime between the technician's test ride and my picking up the bike (minutes), the Service Mgr, Lassy, claims the Steering Nut became loose and was then retorqued to BMW specifications. Walla, they just charged BMW another couple of hundred bucks for warranty work. There was NADA a thing wrong when I brought the bike in for Service. How in the hell can a Steering Nut become loose in the time it takes the technician to park the bike and my getting on it (which was just minutes)? How could the Technician NOT realize the Steering Nut was loose during a 7 mile test run? Has anyone had a similar problem? I'm thinking Foothills BMW pulled a fast one. Warranty work is a gravy train for an otherwise desperate dealership. I have no confidence in this Service Mgr.
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    Not familiar with 1600s, but I'm curious exactly what a "steering nut" is. Head bearings, handlebar mounts, my first thought was the guy in the seat. If it makes the steering sloppy and loosens up I'd want to know what it is and keep an eye on it. Almost sound like low tire pressure, but the dealer would have told you that, wouldn't he?
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    I thought I was the steering nut?
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    This bike has paralever front suspension. All the bolts are locktited. However, with only 2 wheels, loose rear can feel like loose front. Low front tire, or something left loose from the brake bleed procedure or final drive service is more likely. Few service managers will ever admit their mechanic FU. However, this time I suspect that is what happened. I suggest getting your own torque wrench and double checking the front axel pinch bolts and both caliper bolts, as well as
    the rear wheel bolts, the telelver bolts and rear caliper bolts. You might also double check the handle bar, even the seat and gas tank attachment.


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