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Thread: 1988 R100rs exhaust

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    1988 R100rs exhaust

    Will the earlier exhaust 77-84 fit on the later RS? I am needing new header pipes and it seems they are hard to come by. The earlier system is readily available. I know that I would have to lose the collector but has anyone done this?

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    77-80 are different from 81-84 ... Single vs dual crossover.

    Single crossover will be a downgrade from what you currently have.

    Better get next to an old Airhead to see if your frame has the same mount points for the mufflers. I'd be surprised if it does. Whether the rear of the dual crossovers will fit your bike is questionable as well.
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    Definitely not interchangeable with earlier twin shock bikes. And RS/RT headers are even slightly different from other monoshock bikes. Best bet is to search for a good used set on ebay, RePsychle BMW, Duncan's Beemers or there's a guy out in Long Beach called the Parts Haus at 562-254-0452 (he's not on the internet). Good luck!

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    Bob's BMW

    Bob's had a good selection of retro Airhead systems...
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