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Thread: BMW riders and TATOOS!

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    Boy o Boy, its like that blue painting with a white strip down the middle that sold for $43.8 MIL, its in the eyes of the beholder. I have one, I got it when I was in the military over 20 years ago, and yes I still like it, not just the art but the memories of a time in my life that I think fondly of. Remember it's as much a right for you not to like as for me to like, we all have our opinions, its just that some people just don't know how to be tactfull!!!! But to say that a tatoo makes the biker is a major insult in my opinion, I drive my airhead (1974 circa) allmost everyday to work, yet once in the office you would not be able to tell Im a "biker", but I put more miles on my airhead then the dude with tats that goes out on the weekend when the weather is good!
    ...driving to work on my airhead
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    I'm 45 and have well over a hundred tattoos and am sleeved on both arms, I've been getting them since I turned 18. I've always gone to a real tattooist and never a hack and I've never regretted one.
    I do look like I should be hopping on a Road King instead of my 04 RT but it's so fun blowing peoples stereotypes!

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    I have good memories of tattoos

    When I was about 5 years old (over 60 years ago), my uncle gave me a ride on his Harley. He wore a long sleeve shirt with both sleeves rolled up almost to his armpits, a cap like you see pilots wear and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He had a beautiful hulu girl tattooed on his upper right and left arm. I thought he was the coolest things there ever was. But, I don't have any tattoos, unless I can count the strawberry that I was born with and a few body piercings I didn't ask for.

    If someone wants tattoos, I think that is fine; it doesn't bother me one way or the other; it's just not for me.

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    my 2 cents...

    Funny one I saw, at a nudist resort,

    Had red lips on a butt cheek,
    under it was "my ass, I'm retired."
    (kiss my ass, I'm retired).

    I don't know of anything that I like enough to warrant a permanent marking.

    I would be more inclined to get a piercing because if I don't like it, I can remove it and the hole will close up.

    I also find the whole etiquette surrounding tats a bit confusing.
    Momma taught me not to stare,
    women get creeped out by the guy leering,
    guys will deck you for "eyeballin' him"
    So how, exactly, does one view and appreciate such complex and intricate artwork at a glance?
    If it was a close friend, I could approach them and ask to look at it.
    Someone in line at the supermarket? not so much.

    I'm also curious about the tat on the back half of the body.
    You went to the time and trouble and pain and money to get this and you can't even look at it yourself, unless it is in a mirror or a photo.

    I have teased my wife that I see all these guys at the gym with tats, and big muscles, so I must get a tat so my arms will get big, right? Cause that must be what I'm doing wrong. She seems to think you get the muscles first, then the tat...

    I'm sure if I was still in college, I would figure out how to do a study on tats and the people that get them.

    Over at ADV Rider, there is a Women with Ink Appreciation thread, and there is some excellent art work over there. There is some that didn't know when to say when,,,but I'm fascinated just the same.

    My wife is too practical about such matters. She always says, "what will it look like when you're 80?" Personally, I'm gonna look like hell, tat or no tat.
    A realistic idealist or a idealistic realist

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    Quote Originally Posted by GENED12 View Post
    Looks like I'm almost winning my argument at this point...

    No-one with the BMW logo on their butt?

    Denis R1200Gs

    Dear Sir:

    I thought long and hard about getting a tattoo. All the really tough guys have 'em. I seem to think more about getting one when in the proximity of Bourbon. One night (in New Orleans), I decided I would just do it. "Sam's Tattoo Studio, Sushi Bar, and Bait Shop" beckoned. Sam plied his trade like a virtuoso in ink,blood, and cigarette ash (from the butt that never seemed to leave his mouth).

    "Can you do a rendition of the BMW roundel on my upper arm?" I asked.

    "I can but I won't," he replied.

    "Because of trademark restrictions?" I asked.

    "No sir," he said, spitting on the floor.

    "Because you hate BMWs?"

    "No sir."

    "Because BMW 'K' bike riders get all the women?"


    "Then why not?" I asked.

    "Because if you lose 15 pounds that nice tight roundel will start to look like one of Salvador Dali's Melting Clocks."

    Jack The Riepe
    BMW MOA Magazine

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    i got my first tattoo last year at age 55
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    i have 2 tattoos from being in the navy,i wish i never got them. Everybody has tattoos these days,i think your more of a rebel if you dont have any!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1150r View Post
    i have 2 tattoos from being in the navy,i wish i never got them. Everybody has tattoos these days,i think your more of a rebel if you dont have any!
    I've always like being a rebel.

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    My first tattoo at age 66. A representation of my old R100R, more or less.
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    For far too many people tattoos are currently a fad primarily entertained by lemmings. There seem to be two camps. Those with tattoos in areas where they'll never be seen so what's the point and those with tattoos in constantly viewed areas. Why not just get an article of clothing and wear the same thing every day for the rest of one's life? I also wonder what all these foolish young people with nubile youthful bodies will think when they're 50-60 years older and look like their saggy wrinkled grandparents. How many of them are going to want to look like their grandparent with that tattoo? Foolishness that would pay for a lot of things that could be more enjoyed.
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    I'm a tattooed lady!

    Glad I saw this (as I am usually over at the FB page)
    I have 3 stars done across the back of my neck, a star on each wrist, a "galaxy" of stars starting at my both my shoulders that go down sides to my upper thigh, and wings on both of my ankles!
    I am looking at getting more ink done very soon (maybe even a moto-themed one!)...

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    I decided to resurrect this dormant thread!

    And tell about my tattoo that I got almost a year and a half ago at age 70, it was 50 years plus in the making. I got it long after I started riding and it has nothing to do with motorcycles.

    As a youngster growing up, I recall seeing WWII vets (I assume) around town with tattoos. I asked my parents about what they were, but ours was a very conservative family and was I cautioned to the effect that "nice people just don't do that sort of thing." But I was fascinated, and over the years fascination morphed to "that's cool", then "I think I'd like to have one" and finally to "I want to get one". But the interest never got past that point until...

    In early '03, I was laid off from a 23 year engineering job at a technology company. For the next six years I sort of bounced through five different jobs, laid off from each, until in early '09 I decided to go back to school and learn a new "trade" (retirement was out of the question.) I finished a series of classes and was subsequently hired as an electric power engineer in early '10 - yep, at age 63! (side note - I am a devout Christian and I fully acknowledge God's role in this part, I take credit for about 5% of the miracle for my initiative and diligence.) About two years later i returned to school once again and in '15, I earned a Master of Engineering degree in electric power engineering. Not long after, I ran across mention of the legend of the Phoenix and how it rose from its own ashes. And I immediately knew that I had the theme and the reason for getting the tattoo I had always been fascinated with.

    So I now wear my Phoenix proudly, I like it probably far more than I should, and I look it often, partly just 'cause I like it so much and more so because it reminds me of what I went through and emerged anew.
    Marty in Spokane Valley, WA

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    Another approach

    I ride both, have ridden since '73, never felt the urge for ink. None of that matters. If she isn't impressed with your attitude or image try this. Tell her to get off and walk home or preferably somewhere else.

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    Each to their own I think. I don't have any tattoos, but can appreciate some of the artwork that the tattoo artists make. I know a couple of guys who have sleeves on their arms and legs and they are really well done and nice. I also know a guy who owns a shop down here who is really well known and his work is amazingly realistic. Again it's not for me personally but some tattoos are just really beautiful.
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