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Thread: BMW riders and TATOOS!

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    My son gave me tatoo last weekend....

    Then it washed off...........

    He's four, what can I say

    Kids are great!!!

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    I met a guy last week who has that same one on his lower leg but with the BMW roundels inside both the wheels! He's not even a BMWMOA member...YET!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasbutan View Post
    I have tribal on the arm, the other is on my shoulder.

    See attached.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1150r View Post
    I made the mistake of getting 2 tattoos as a young knucklehead in the navy. I hate them now. Do i have to trade my bmw in on a harley?
    I managed to survive 4 fairly drunken years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club without a tattoo.
    Dennis Murphy
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    2013 R1200GS BMWMOA, IBMWR, AMA Rounder #43

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    Smile tat - who's

    I would agree with KBASA. We are NOT bikers. Our interest is in the overall performance of the motorcycle. Additions to the motorcycle are most often made to improve function or performance - not decorative.

    Likewise additions to the rider tend to be oriented the same - not decorative - maybe we don't as a group have self image issues.

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    Self image issues

    No one is free from self image issues....I always suspect the ones who cry the loudest, that they don't, do....

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    You've got it wrong, Sykkel. "We" are a large, diverse group of motorcycle owners. "We" includes motorcyclists and bikers, although I'm not sure there's a distinction anyway. "Our interest" is likewise complex and diverse. Your post to this topic should say "I am not a biker" and "my interest is in performance". Many BMW owners make decorative additions to their bikes, including chrome, and are interested in BMWs for aesthetic reasons. Similarly, people have tattoos for complex and diverse reasons. I have two and I may soon add two more. My father, brother, and wife, all BMW riders, have tattoos. Look around at the rally this week, you'll see a lot of tattoos on us BMW bikers.

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    boss look...look

    Its da plane!

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    The poor guy lead a pretty rough life at the end.

    I don't see any mention of any tattoos in the article.

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    I have two tattoos, both of which have a special meaning.

    There is a WWII Canadian Army motorcycle dispatch rider's shoulder flash (Motorcycle wheel with a pair of wings) on my shoulder. I was a military historian for many years and a friend wrote a book about the WWII DR's. When he died young of cancer, I got the tat as a tribute to him, and my interest in military history and bikes in general.

    My second tattoo is the old style BMW "motoman" between my shoulders, a gift from my step daughter after I once commented that the design would make a good tattoo. It's BMW but also a generic sport touring design, and came from somebody who matters a lot to me.

    '06 Triumph Scrambler (Trans-Labrador veteran)

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    Body vandalism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenwald View Post
    Body vandalism.
    physical graffiti

    I've got two BTW

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    I have two. One is an Texas/Confederate theme, the other is a design I had made. It has a setting sun, an Eagle with tears in it's eyes looking at the Bill of Rights being torn in half. I commissioned the tattoo immediately after the "Patriot Act" and "Terrorist Act" were passed to summarize what I thought.

    Wife has no tats but one piercing, south of her belly button a few inches
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    East Prussian eagle on my upper right arm. Got it at the age of forty and my wife loves it. It's ink is deep in my skin; it's meaning deep in my heart.
    The difference between a biker and a motorcyclist isn't in how you look. It's in how you act. (Just my opinion)

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    All Biker's dont't show thier true colours

    Quote Originally Posted by gened12 View Post
    Hi My wife says that BMW riders are NOT bikers because we do not wear tatoos like the Harley guys. I tried to explain that we are bikers nonetheless with our own code of conduct (helping out on the road, like speed but not recklessly, love fine german motorcycles and kermit chairs, smart enough to wear safety gear etc...) but she refuses to believe that any of us are real bikers and are really commited unless we have a tatoo.

    MY BIG QUESTION IS: How many of you have got a tatoo to show your commitment to being a real biker AND what is your tatoo AND where is is located on your body. Depending on the response I might just have to conceed to my wife (AHRRRR) and my be forced to get a tatoo or I will prove my point (yeahhh)

    Denis #119526 oilhead R1200GS
    The one is on my left leg Done by Berry in Scarborough, Ontario . It is for the memory of my brother Dennis. l have a litle ying and yang as well nice Dragon

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    It all depends on how you look at things and what you feel is the purpose of getting one ,FWIW I spent 10 years pushing ink for a living (mostly the Harley crowd) From my perspective and my opinion (and I will label it as such) I noticed In the early years that those who were commited to the lifestyle and I mean they, breathed, ate, slept and died their motorcycles. the tattoos were an aformation of who they were not what they wanted to be. As time rolled by I noticed alot of folks getting tat's were more the weekend warriors who saw tattoos as a way to become an instant biker without the dues. Yea, I have a couple of em

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