Flash, apparently having an opinion that you disagree with makes one "Narrow Minded". I didn't say that having a narrow mind enhances ones appearance, although to (as you say narrow minded) me an absence of tattoos looks better than their presence.

The Veg, I suppose that there are reasons for self mutilation in the youth, I just don't happen to agree with it as a useful option in life, if you do so, more power to you. I suppose that your friend is fortunate that something so simple as a tatoo can be the "beacon" in his life

Selil, I didn't say that anyone who has a tatoo "is" a jailbird or low life, calm down & read more carefully. I said "Tatooed people put me in mind of Jailbirds and other low lifes." Further I said "I know that many people in respectable walks of life have them. I just don't see why anyone thinks that having a tatoo enhances their appearance" Did you miss this or ignore it as it didn't fit into your personal attack implying that I am close (closed?) minded and thus "inbred"?

One chooses to have a tatoo. Some people love them...Some people hate them... Why hating them makes one narrow minded and inbred while someone who likes them is well adjusted and a fine person escapes me.

Please, personal attacks will not elevate you over others.