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In the future, when necessary that people need be dug up people from their graves here is what they will need to expect:
Lip , check ,eye-lid, breast, calf and butt implants. Little and sometimes big clumps of squishy stuff lasting years lying in people. (I would guess that they are usually silicone.) Tattoo's will be nothing!
For those of you who don't speak fluent Joe (it took me about 18 years to learn it myself), I think my husband is trying to say:

In the future, tattoos will be nothing. Archaelogists will be finding many silicone treasures from lip, cheek (not check), eyelid, breast, calf and butt (why would you want one of those?) implants.

Translation complete.

For the record, I have two: a "wedding" ring and a Japanese symbol relating to our relationship.