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I have 1 tattoo, upper left arm. It's the Department of Defense firefighter shield, surrounded by a lick of flame with 24 points on it. I got it when I was an army firefighter. I wasn't ever going to get one, but the rest of the truck crew got one, and was pressuring me to get one too. I had a reservation about ever piercing or painting any part of my body. But.... as it was drawn, each lick of flame represents 1 soul we pulled out of a downed C-130. I am convinced that it means a great deal more than just ink, and peer pressure. (Didn't take much convincing, and it's something that I'm glad I got when I look back on it.)
I don't know that I'll ever get another one, although I've been debating something for about 11 years now. I just can't find a design that measures up. If I do, it won't be anything brand related. (Of any brand)

Hi, Great post. Nothing wrong with that. You and your buddies should be all very proud of what you did.