Hi My wife says that BMW riders are NOT bikers because we do not wear tatoos like the Harley guys. I tried to explain that we are bikers nonetheless with our own code of conduct (helping out on the road, like speed but not recklessly, love fine german motorcycles and kermit chairs, smart enough to wear safety gear etc...) but she refuses to believe that any of us are real bikers and are really commited unless we have a tatoo.

MY BIG QUESTION IS: How many of you have got a tatoo to show your commitment to being a real biker AND what is your tatoo AND where is is located on your body. Depending on the response I might just have to conceed to my wife (AHRRRR) and my be forced to get a tatoo or I will prove my point (yeahhh)

Denis #119526 oilhead R1200GS