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Thread: middle gear engine surge

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    middle gear engine surge

    I've got a new '03 Rt and it seems like it surges (a little) and doesn't want to cruise in the middle gears going through town doing about 30- 40 mph. Any suggestions- I use premium fuel and was wondering if Techron (gas additive) would help?
    Tx for the feed back.
    Wiseguy in Charlottesville, Va

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    have you been to you need to go over there and do a search on the word "surge" or "surging".

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    There are plenty of options available that you can try to eliminate or reduce your surging.

    Before trying any of the more expensive solutions (Techlusion, dual-plugs, chips, etc.) ensure your bike does not have a mechanically induced surge.

    Take it to your dealer and have the throttle bodies synchronized. Throttle bodies can easily go out of synch over time. Cables stretch. A good indicator is an increase in engine vibration are different speeds. I own a TwinMax that I use to synchronize my throttle bodies.

    Also try changing spark plugs. Paul Glaves likes the autolite plugs. I use Bosch 4418 and 4417. They are available at most autoparts stores. Some owners report totally eliminating a mild surging with plugs along.

    If your dealers is unable to fix the problem, you may want to consider aftermarket solutions like Techlusion. My RT surged so badly, it was unsafe to ride before I had my dealer install a Techlusion 83i about two years ago. Since then, I have tested all their products and they all totally eliminated my surging. If you are concerned about warranty issues, check with your dealers. Several dozen dealers are now installing Techlusion products on their customers bikes and I don't know of a single failure that has caused damage to their Bosch electronics. Here is my website providing information on the new R259 TFI.

    If your interested in dual-plugs, visit SJBMWs website.

    I know others that have had positive results with BB Powerchips.

    The bottom line is, do whatever it takes to put the fun back into your ride. If the bike is no longer fun to ride, do whatever it takes to fix it.

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