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Thread: Aftermarket Windshields for the K1600GTL

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    Aftermarket Windshields for the K1600GTL

    Does anyone have experience with the Cee Baileys or Aeroflow Windshields currently available for the K1600GTL ?

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    I am 5-11 with a 32 inch inseam and have the Aeroflow medium GT windshield on my GTL. It is near perfect for me.

    Much smoother airflow at a much lower level than the stock screen. I would say that at the optimum height, anything more than about 3 car lengths ahead of me I can see over the top of the screen. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have specific questions.
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    I ordered cee Baileys 22' tall wide body with no vent. I like it. I'm 5'7" with 30" inseam. I've had it for two years and see no reason to change.
    Tom Barrie
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    I have a Cee Bailey 24 extra wide tinted. I love it.very quite with good protection.

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    I have a dark tinted 18" Cee Baileys windshield for hot summer days when additional air is good. It works well and being 6'2" I can easily see over it. My head is actually in a more buffet free zone.
    Andre Boening
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    Just got the Aeroflow Medium GT with wings and mini-wings on my Exclusive. - Love them.
    I am 5'8" with 29" inseam. Great wind protection and stock air diverters don't blast you as much when opened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by road runner View Post
    Just got the Aeroflow Medium GT with wings and mini-wings on my Exclusive. - Love them.
    I am 5'8" with 29" inseam. Great wind protection and stock air diverters don't blast you as much when opened.
    +1 on this setup. Pillion likes it too. Almost so quiet I don't need earplugs but I wear them anyway.

    I have found that the wings cut out too much airflow for me when it's hot as I rely on airflow up the sleeves of my Darien for cooling. Easy to pop them off though.


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    got the widest, tallest Cee Bailey vented and love it - 6'4" with 35" inseam

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    Aftermarket windshield

    I bought a Cee Bailey vented and had to cut 2" off it to give me an "over the windshield" view that I like. Am 73 inches. It is a great product, but make sure you clean it with the proper cleaner and micropore cloths. Cee Bailey has a good spray cleaner, too.

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    Have owned Parabellum, Cee Bailey and Aeroflow. The first 2 are a crapshoot in that some work very well and some don't. You will probably pay more for an Aeroflow but they ALWAYS work and the quality is better as well. At Aeroflow, the guy who designs the winshields (the owner) spends thousands of miles behind them on the road and he knows what works.



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    I got an Aeroflow with mini wings and I am unhappy with the buffeting on the sides. It seems to me its not wide enough. I am considering the C-bailey wide

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    Did you get the larger Aerowings? I have the mid-size shield with the regular aerowings and the buffeting is nonexistent. I don't know about the minis as I have never used them.
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    cee bailey

    I bought the tallest, widest cee bailey screen for the gtl without the vent, as recommended because i'm under 5'11". anyhow my wife is still getting some buffeting compared to the triumph trophy but says the cee bailey is tolerable and a huge improvement over stock. As a rider my only complaint is riding in the rain with a screen this large is like driving a car in the rain without wipers.

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    Well I ended up buying the Wunderlich ergo. I 'll let you know how it works out

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    We had an extra wide and extra tall Cee Bailey's I bought second hand. My wife and I were very pleased with it in combination with wings and winglets. Much smoother than the stock GTLE windshield. Took the Cee Bailey's off when the Summer heat got too much and temporarily replaced with a CalSci. With the cold weather here, I'll be putting the Cee Bailey's back on.
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