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Thread: Yalaha, FL ride.

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    Yalaha, FL ride.

    That's right the town name is Yalaha, located in Lake County Florida. Had a nice ride with the Local Buell club. People drive from all around to visit the Yalaha bakery. Owner is from the town of Schw?˝bisch Hall in Germany.

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    ... and here I thought I knew just about every danged place there is in Florida.

    Never heard of this place. Thanks for the pics.

    Last winter, when visiting my sister in Sarasota, I rode right past you in Lithia on my way through Fort Lonesome.

    This winter, if you don't mind... when I find my way down there to visit the family in Gainesville, I'd like to try and hook with you to watch one of your supermoto races, or ride with your group. (I *think* I can keep up..... )

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    been meaning to make a trip over there. how's the grub?

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