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Thread: Windshields, Aeroflow Touring Aeroscreen versus Cee Cee Bailey Enhanced

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    Just installed a Madstad, that I purchase from a fellow from ADV, on my F800 and it is really nice. Quiet and protected. In fact I will not use the "wings" unless it is a particularly cold or wet day as there was a noticeable lack of wind (and hence cooling breeze) with them on. I have used a Cee Baileys 18 and 16 inch and also the laminar lip and none of them come close to the quiet of the madstadt. Will be selling the Cee Baileys as soon as I get them cleaned up.

    Now to find one for my wife' F650

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    I have a Cee Baileys Enhanced on my F800GS and I like it. Provides fair wind protection and good rain protection. I'm 6'3" and got the tallest windshield. We do pavement and gravel. I also have a 06 R1200RT with a Cee Baileys Enhanced windshield. GS windshield is nothing like a touring windshield.
    Wife had a Cee Baileys windshield on her G650GS. Provided good wind protection but was quickly broken when riding off road by a simple fall. So went with VStream and mirror extenders. Wife loves it and says it's better than Cee Baileys. We've been off roading too with a simple tip-over/fall and no problem with windshield. She rides bike every day - mostly pavement and she says it works great.
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