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Thread: BMW Motorrad Advisory: Stop Riding Your 2014 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    This was basically the same thing with the chain on my F800GS. They were not sure if the metalurgy was good so the chain was recalled. BMW did chains and some sprockets.
    My guess is this went "big" due to the possibility of fluid getting on the tire.
    Fluid on the tire, have the shock come apart while you are scraping the pegs in a corner or piece of shock wedged between tire and swing arm is pretty much the same -nasty- result.
    I just had the master cylinder on my GSA split open during a panic stop which takes you from ABS cycling to almost no brakes (rear only) in no time flat. Did some fast strategy re-evaluation and changed to plan B with success. I can tell you first hand that there a lot of critical parts on a motorcycle that can hurt you bad if they don't perform like they should.
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    Latest from my dealer:

    Here is what I received this morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macklinlr View Post
    Here is what I received this morning.
    Seems like a reasoned response. Of course the devils in the details, but seems like BMW NA is stepping up to the plate. I would phone and inquire as to free replacement ride while this is being sorted out. If someone does contact BMW NA, please let us know what you asked and how they answered.

    Update: just spoke to my dealer, his opinion is that when the smoke clears, a relatively small number of bikes will be affected, and they will get them fixed pretty quickly. He said BMW would have a huge liability if they did not respond quickly and this item fails and someone is injured or killed. So to mitigate the liability they did the "stop and park it" communication/order.

    Makes sense to me. Let' see if he is right about the small number of affected bikes quickly fixed part...
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    I guess I'll get out my street glide. I am supposed to begin my ride through Canada next week.

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    I just read the statement from BMW. I wonder what the authorized good will is? I agree with everyone about this being a classy way to handle this. I have ridden mine from Phoenix to Wyoming over some interesting roads and in some difficult situations. I rely on certain things working. However, I hope they sort this out soon. Unfortunately, there isn't a BMW dealer in Wyoming. The closest dealer is about 300 miles away.

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    It appears to be handled slightly different in each country.
    Over here in Australia, it wasn't the dealer who contacted us, but rather BMW Australia.
    BMW Australia already informed me and others over here that as a good will gesture, our warranty will be increased from 2 to 3 years.
    Warranty is different, depending on country.
    They will be picking up the bike from my place, but I have already discussed this with my dealer and requested that the pickup will not be arranged until they have the actual part.
    Reason being:
    My dealer has very limited room and my bike would end up sitting outside in the weather, including the risk of it getting knocked and scratched if sitting there for a few weeks.
    At home it's in a garage and under a bike cover.
    How quickly will this be able to be fixed?
    I suspect not that quick.
    There are 8000 bikes and unless they can nail it down to a limited amount, then it means a redesign and complete re-manufacturing of all 8000 shocks.
    Then they have to get them to their respective countries of sale and organize them to get to the respective dealers.

    Lets just hope that it's just a specific batch where the metal has been tempered wrong and they can sort out which bikes they went in.
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    Dealing in facts. the current Texas Department of Motor Vehicles states ;

    The 30 Day Test

    If your new vehicle has been out of service for repair due to a defect that substantially impairs the use or market value of the vehicle due to defects covered by the warranty for a total of 30 or more days during the first 24 months or 24,000 miles, and there were at least two repair attempts during the first 12 months or 12000 miles, and the problem still exists. If no loaner vehicle was provided to you by the dealer during this time period, you pass the test.

    It is advisable to contact the Lemon Law Section of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) for more specific information and assistance at (888) 368-4689.

    So the clock is ticking in Texas. Your state or country, as the case may be, will probably vary and you should be aware of your local laws.

    Mine has already been in the shop for two warranty repairs, so this "setback" is now taking on the life of an ongoing saga of growing propotions with a unknown timeline.

    It will be most interesting to learn how BMW proceeds forward along the lines of customer satisfaction.

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    It is not a good idea to assume that lemon laws apply to motorcycles. Check the state law where you live.
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    BMW agonized for years over new models in the airhead years, and I think they took six years to develop the K100. Now they build five different engines with three different drive trains with new models all the time. They had to change their business model to compete (remember when it was a big deal when BMW had a review in a m/c magazine?) and for the most part it worked but this is the price we pay for having new Beemers all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pockomoth View Post
    BMW agonized for years over new models in the airhead years, and I think they took six years to develop the K100. Now they build five different engines with three different drive trains with new models all the time. They had to change their business model to compete (remember when it was a big deal when BMW had a review in a m/c magazine?) and for the most part it worked but this is the price we pay for having new Beemers all the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
    It is not a good idea to assume that lemon laws apply to motorcycles. Check the state law where you live.
    I never assume anything. Texas includes motorcycles ... YMMV ... makes sense.

    Each owner should always do the research themselves.

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    Wet head RT ESA problem

    I have had my new RT for almost 3 months with over 3350 miles accumulated. The only problem that I have had is with the shift assist bolt issue when downshifting became very stiff.

    As for the bike itself, it is fantastic to ride.

    Have a 6000 mile trip half paid for already and it is like 40 days out. Northern route East to West USA with a 3 day stop in Minnesota.

    Hope the problems are resolved quickly since this bike was not an impulse buy for me.

    This kind of problem will give you a without having a drink!

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    Now that was a quality decision wasn't it!

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    My first post - copy of my letter to BMW-USA.

    BMW-USA Customer Service ? I?m writing with respect to the 2014 R1200RT cease ride issued last week. While I applaud BMW for being proactive from a safety perspective, this does create issues for various folks, including me.

    I was the proud owner of a 2013 700GS, a bike I loved a great deal. About 3 months ago, I saw an opportunity to plan a motorcycle trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina starting on June 13, 2014. For someone like me who rarely is able to take any vacation, this opportunity was special. In fact, I made hotel and ferry reservations months ago in anticipation of the trip. I decided that a trip like this was better done on another bike, so I sold the 700GS and bought BOTH a 2014 R1200RT and a 2014 G650GS. I wanted the touring ability but also wanted to keep the ability to ride off the pavement. I bought both of these motorcycles on May 21, 2014 from TouringSport in Greenville, South Carolina. (By the way, Touring Sport was great to work with on the purchase).

    I had ridden the RT for about 350 miles. Two weekends ago, I was heading out on a ride with a neighbor when I noticed a caution light on. Along with the caution light was a light which looks like a shock. In reviewing the owner?s manual, there is no description for this particular caution light. In an abundance of caution, I didn?t ride the RT that day, but rode the GS instead. Later, when I put the RT in the garage, I noticed the light was off. I don?t know whether this is related to the cease ride issue or not.

    As you can appreciate, my trip is scheduled to start in 4 days, I bought a motorcycle primarily focused on this trip, and now I am not able to ride it all. Furthermore, the dealer has indicated they know nothing about expected timing of any resolution but are skeptical that it will be solved in time for my trip.

    Given my lack of flexibility in scheduling such a trip coupled with reservations previously made, I am still going to do the trip. For me, this is a once-in-a-decade type trip and I haven?t been as excited about something in a long time as I have been for this trip. This is evidenced by my investments made in TWO new bikes. My debate is what to ride.

    I have requested a loaner from the dealer; however I have yet to hear back. I suspect they will only make an accommodation if BMW-USA covers it. I would request that either (i) I be allowed a loaner bike for this trip or (ii) I be permitted to buy new alloy rims and road tires at BMW?s cost so that I can ride them on my G650GS. Certainly neither of these items comes remotely close to what I had planned and the experience will not be the same; however, at least it will be something. Above all, I would love for the issue to be fully resolved so that I could do the trip on the 1200RT.

    My contact information is below. I would appreciate a return communication (either email or phone call) at your earliest convenience.

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    Does Wilbers or Ohlins make a shock that will mate up to the DDC ESA on these bikes? If so, that would be my preferred option of availing myself of BMW's goodwill program.

    I just don't get it why BMW doesn't at least provide that as an option on their flagship bikes like the RT, GT, GTL, and KS. At these price points and given what we all spend on them after the purchase, I bet the vast majority of buyers would check the option box for a rebuildable performance suspension on a new purchase.
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    I called both companies last week.

    They do not have any shocks ready for this bike at this time. They have plans down the road but any product would need to be tested etc.

    I had my dealer check on the availability of non ESA shocks for the 2014 RT. The system did not have anything available anywhere!

    We are grounded until BMW figures this out.

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