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Thread: Anyone Bought a New Bike With Sirius Radio?

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    Anyone Bought a New Bike With Sirius Radio?

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    Search... this has been discussed... dealer has to do something to set up to activate your radio.

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    I took delivery on a new R1200RT last weekend (woot!). The BMW web site says the satellite radio comes with a one year complementary subscription, but when I called Sirius they said it did not and that I had to pay for a subscription to activate it. I'm going to see if I can get BMW to contact Sirius and work this out, but just wondered if anyone had the same or a different experience.
    Last year I purchased a new 2012 (demo) RT with the satellite radio. I received a notice in the mail welcoming me to Sirius, and the radio began working without issue. I believe probably the dealer registered it with them, or BMW NA did it automatically. Good luck!

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    Pretty sure it wasn't BMW NA. Most likely the dealer. Mine activated my radio.
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    I bought a 2013 RT with sat radio that had been activated by the previous owner. It took numerous calls to set up a new account and get the radio ID switched to me. Since then it works fine.
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