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Thread: Highway Pegs

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    Highway Pegs

    Shortly after I got my GTL last year I started looking for highway pegs.
    Found Ilium Works pegs, good looking pegs, American made, in fact their just a few hours from me.
    Well I bit the bullet and shelled out the $300.
    Their just not working for me. They don't change my knee angle at all.
    I need to be able to stretch out from time to time on long rides.
    I have spent a lot of money at Kuryakyn over the years on other bikes.
    So I went back to them to see if I could make something work.
    Had to do a little modifying but here is the end result.
    So far their working fine.


    If you want the Ilium pegs they'll be listed in the flea mart.
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    Saw these today. H has a set on her Hexhead R12R
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    Highway pegs

    I had the same long horns on my GTL but in the mountains they would hit on tight switchbacks. Once they almost lifted the rear wheel off the road and almost high sided. I removed them .they now sit on a shelf in garage awaiting a sale. Just be careful.

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