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Thread: Just Met an MOA Member

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    Just Met an MOA Member

    Yeah, so I received a PM from a guy here. He was asking me if I would sell my 93 R100RS. I said, no, thank you- but we went on chit-chatting via PM for a while. Finally he told me he'd found a real nice 92 with 15K on it, and not too far from my home.
    Turns out his route was bringing him past here, so I invited him to stop for lunch.
    Today was the day, and we had a real nice time. My "better half", Cynthia even came home for lunch to join us!

    Anyone here also do this kind of thing to meet forum folks?

    I have a sort of random, on-call job that often requires me to travel- usually on short notice. It keeps me from offering hospitality via the Anonymous Book.
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    I've met a few members when I've traveled to various cities. It's a good opportunity to kick some tires and see more bikes!
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    Just about 2 years ago another MOA member was on this very forum asking about roads in this area as he and his girlfriend were taking a motorcycle vacation and would be passing through. The next thing we knew we were meeting them in Blairsville, GA (in the rain) and we rode up to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge and Campground spending 2 nights before they continued on and we headed back for home.

    I've also ridden up to north Georgia and met another BMW K1200LT rider and rode with him and his wife while they were passing through on vacation and spending time in the area. But instead of here on the forum, he was a reader of our blog.
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